Washington Wine Club – August 2007

2005 Va Piano Vineyards, Syrah
We continue to be wowed by Justin Wylie’s wines. Which explains why this isn’t the first time you’ve seen one of his wines in this club. This Syrah is from 2005, a vintage he claims he will be telling his grandchildren about. The weather cooperated perfectly over the summer to ripen the grapes slowly, yet fully. Justin’s passion for winemaking truly shows in his wines, vintage after vintage. This Syrah is another winner. With lots of dark, red fruit, bold structure and a creamy finish, this wine would stand up well with any hearty meal. He has no more left, and neither do we. It was $38.

2005 Buty Winery, Merlot/Cabernet Franc
Here’s another familiar face in the Washington Club. When our favorite winemakers keep producing fabulous wines and our customers keep raving about them, we just can’t resist. This is a delightful new offering from our friends at Buty. It’s 61% Merlot, giving it a silky smoothness, and 39% Cab Franc, providing soft and perfectly integrated tannins. It was $36 but, alas, this is all we could get. Caleb and Nina “dedicate this wine to the bracerros who work the vines from pruning to harvest to develop our lovely fruits.” And they have created a very lovely wine.