Art Walk at West Seattle Cellars on June 9, 2016

West Seattle Art Walk + Free Wine Tasting this Thursday, June 9, 2016

This coming Thursday, West Seattle’s monthly Art Walk coincides with our free Thursday tasting… offering a perfect way to taste a delicious line-up of wines while you enjoy a new display of artwork. Here are the details:

Time: 5:30 to 9:00 pm
Where: 6026 California Avenue SW, Seattle, WA 98136
Wines: South American Wines
Artist: Kaddee Lawrence

From the Artist:

Dr. Kaddee Lawrence has spent her life in, on, and around the ocean. She grew up near estuaries, rivers, ponds, and the sea. As a child she would disappear for hours to the seashore, poking under rocks and collecting all nature of slimy, squirmy delights of which her mother was none too fond. Her fascination with life and life cycles, and the sea and its denizens, led her to the Puget Sound and its critters for her PhD in Neurobiology.

Since then there has been extensive (though not as extensive as she would like) diving trips in such places as the Red Sea, the Andaman Sea, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and throughout Puget Sound. She has been observing, photographing, and above all, delighting in the flora and fauna she has encountered.

After years as an educator and scientist, Kaddee continues to be an observer of, and an advocate for, the ocean and those that make it their home. She continually exhibits the delight and the pure joy of exploration and discovery that is usually reserved only for children. She can often be found wandering the beaches of Alki at low tide discovering and describing the critters to anyone who will listen.

Kaddee has spent most of her career as a scientist, educator, and SCUBA diver and is now branching out into the world of photography. She hopes that, in some way, her photos will inspire the same joy and love of the ocean to those that are willing to explore it.

Below is a foretaste of what we’ll have on view at West Seattle Cellars this Thursday:

Kaddee L 2 Kaddee L 1